The ePole helps leverage and boost city revenue

Managing City Ordinances

The demand for better mobile coverage and capacity has led to an increase in small cell attachments in cities across the country. Cities should be writing ordinances for these attachments that require all new infrastructures on city property and in public right of way to be safe, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and serve multiple purposes. 

If municipalities are providing the mobile communications industry access on publicly owned and maintained property, then why not require such infrastructure to support public safety, lighting and other “Smart City” applications that benefit everyone in the community?

Boosting City Revenue with the ePole

The ePole provides a safe, environmentally friendly, attractive and easy solution for deployment of small cells that is currently taking place. It even provides recurring revenue opportunities through advertising, rental fees and “Smart City” applications. By installing ePoles in the community, municipalities are increasing the quality of life for residents, local businesses and visitors, while at the same time earning money vs. spending money.

Facts about the ePole:

  • Improves public safety;
  • Provides recurring revenue opportunities for your community;
  • Made out of composite materials making it stronger and safer than wooden, concrete or steel poles;
  • Available in multiple colors and heights;
  • All cabling, radios, and antennas are concealed INSIDE the pole allowing for a sleek and community-friendly design;
  • Wi-Fi, video surveillance and street lighting are just a few of the community benefits an ePole offers.