The Issue

Historically, towers and monopoles were required to economically deliver mobile communications over large areas.  However, the proliferation of large intrusive towers and monopoles has driven many municipalities to enact stringent zoning requirements and even prohibiting towers and monopoles in many communities.

Furthermore, decorative streetlights were not designed to accommodate mobile base stations, antennas, cabinets and cabling attachments.  The dilemma is ensuring that citizens receive the best mobile communications while maintaining the aesthetic value of the community and limiting civic liability.

The Challenge

On October 17, 2014 the Federal Communications Commission issued a new Report and Order (FCC 14-153) that requires faster local approval of applications for modification of existing towers and base stations.

This restricts the ability of a municipality to delay or block the installation of cellular infrastructure either on existing towers or on the utility's poles.

The Solution is the ePole

Enersphere’s small cell solution, the ePole, integrates mobile communications equipment including a pole-mounted cabinet, pole-top antenna, cabling, surge protection, connectors, power systems, and other equipment with lightweight, environmentally friendly, non-conductive composite pole technology to quickly and economically deploy small cells.

epole, Small Cells, outdoor infrastructure

epole, Small Cells, outdoor infrastructure

The ePole, which can be installed within days, meets NESC and mobile communication industry TIA 222-Rev-G specifications and includes WiFi and IP-controlled LED lighting for public safety.

Change is going to happen, the choice of what type of infrastructure you want in your community is up to YOU.