Commercial Real Estate

The Issue

The demand for instant information is everywhere: shopping malls, parking garages, business parks, universities and colleges, and theme parks and recreation venues. People want to be able to search the web and retrieve their social media wherever they are.

The Challenge

Deploying a small cell solution can be time consuming and frustrating for commercial real estate property owners who need to work through the zoning and ordinance issues as well as to deal with the separate cell carriers to procure coverage.

The Solution is the ePole

Enersphere’s small cell solution, the ePole, integrates mobile communications equipment including a pole-mounted cabinet, pole-top antenna, cabling, surge protection, connectors, power systems, and other equipment with lightweight, environmentally friendly, non-conductive composite pole technology to quickly and economically deploy small cells.

The ePole, which can be installed within days, meets NESC and mobile communication industry TIA 222-Rev-G specifications and includes Wi-Fi and IP-controlled LED lighting for public safety.

Visitors and employees in the facilities and surrounding area benefit from improved coverage and capacity.  The commercial real estate property owners receive economic, marketing and public safety benefits.