Maintenance, Warranty & Training

In order to derive the long term benefits of your ePole investment while ensuring efficient use of operating expenses, Enersphere has designed the ePole as a low maintenance,highly reliable solution that  maximizes  your Return on Investment (ROI).

However, should the customer have an issue, we stand behind our products with best in class industry warranties and service support.  In addition, we have developed a seamless and hassle free repair and return process to ensure maximum uptime for the product.

Training on the installation, maintenance and operation of the ePole is provided by Enersphere through two customer programs. 

A basic training course which can be held at your location or at our state of the art training facility provides an overview of the product, basic maintenance routines and troubleshooting procedures.

- The advanced training course held in our training facilities build on the Basic training course and teach the operator how to troubleshoot, replace and manage the repair and return process.