The Company

Enersphere Communications was founded in 2011 and is located in Atlanta, GA.  Enersphere develops and sells mobile communications and electric utility infrastructure, including an integrated outdoor cell site utilizing modular composite pole technology.  Our solution, the ePole, efficiently and economically expands mobile capacity and coverage, strengthens electric distribution networks and enables public safety applications to create a safer, more eco-friendly world. 

When developing our innovative small cell solution, our requirements were simple.  Create an efficient, economical and eco-friendly design that can be quickly deployed virtually anywhere. The outcome was a revolutionary product:  the ePole.

Our Value Proposition

The ePole is the only small cell that enables electric utilities, municipalities and public safety organizations to simultaneously derive operational and economic benefits from the same infrastructure.  By expediting the delivery of mobile data capacity and coverage, MNOs generate revenue sooner, reduce total cost of ownership and retain subscribers.  Electric utilities generate electricity revenue and receive right-to-use fees from the ePole owner, plus retain control of the composite pole that will strengthen its distribution network.  Municipalities can access the IP-controlled public safety warning and weather alert systems; attach video surveillance and Wi-Fi devices; receive franchise fees from the ePole owner, plus generate revenue from advertising, location-based marketing and other features.

The ePole is the small cell solution for resorts and hotels as well as commercial real estate firms or firms that own and manage resorts, shopping malls, grocery stores and business parks.  Visitors and employees in the facilities and surrounding area benefit from improved coverage and capacity.  The real estate property owners receive economic, marketing and public safety benefits.