Value Added Services

ePole and smart cities

ePole and smart cities

Wi-Fi Applications

Enersphere works with strategic partners to provide Wi-Fi services for the ePole. By utilizing this application, the ePole is able to provide better public safety options for communities, allow for the integration of smart city initiatives and more.

Event Opportunities

Due to its ability to increase mobile coverage and capacity in a cost effective way while being rapidly deployed, the ePole is an ideal option for mobile infrastructure at large events.  The ePole can be installed within a day without the need for cranes. The LED luminary atop the pole can be used as a public safety light or for visual enhancement opportunities during the event. Video Surveillance and Wi-Fi features can be added to increase public safety and community appeal. The ePole even provides opportunities for increasing revenue by including the option to sell advertising banners on the pole. At the conclusion of the event, the ePole can be easily removed and placed elsewhere to continue providing excellent mobile coverage and capacity for your community. 

Business Continuity

Is your cities’ infrastructure prepared for the next hurricane, tornado, blizzard or any natural disaster? Enersphere offers a solution: the ePole can withstand wind gusts greater that 150 mph (241 kph) for extended periods of time and ice accumulation of more than .75” (1.9 cm) on the pole.  The ePole is made out of a fire-retardant, non-conductive composite solution that bends when struck by force versus snapping in half like a traditional pole. 

Video Surveillance

Tied into the Wi-Fi application, is the option for video surveillance on the ePole. This can be used in a multitude of ways such as large event security or neighborhood watch.

Advertising Opportunities

The ePole design allows for banners to be attached to cross arms on the pole providing recurring revenue opportunities for the ePole owner. 

Custom ePole Orders

ePoles come standard in a gray or brown design. However, Enersphere can provide custom poles for any order of 10 or more poles. Enersphere can even wrap your ePole to blend in to the surrounding environment.