Summer Storm Season is Approaching, Are You Ready?

Don't Let High Winds Destroy Infrastructure!

Do you feel secure about the stability of your small cell infrastructure in the upcoming summer storm season?  Investing in the right infrastructure can save lives when disasters strike. The ePole® provides a safer and stronger solution for wireless communications and utility infrastructure.

A Stronger & Safer Solution

The ePole offers a solution that can withstand wind gusts greater than 150 mph (241 kph) for extended periods of time and ice accumulation of more than 0.75" (1.9 cm) on the pole. That's the equivalent of CAT 4 hurricane winds! The ePole is non-conductive and fire resistant that when struck by force it bends versus snapping in half. Not only does this provide a safer structure for the public, but it also provides a more economical solution for municipalities. The ePole is assembled in four nested sections that allow for an expedited replacement of damaged sections due to events such as a tree falling or a car accident.

ePole Microcell

ePole Microcell

ePoles Provide Data and Coverage Assistance When You Need It Most

The ePole, with its industry leading features, was designed to ensure the continuity of communications when disasters hit. They provide increased data capacity and cell coverage for the general public and for first responders during an emergency. The LED lighting at the top of the pole can also be utilized for public safety by alerting individuals of oncoming storms or coordinated meeting locations. Strategically placing ePoles within your network design can improve your overall business continuity plan

Example locations where an ePole can help:

  • Disaster coordination sites (FEMA sites, local monitoring locations and first responder staging areas);
  • Evacuation routes;
  • In marinas allowing boat owners to view/monitor their boats during storm surges;
  • Schools used as emergency shelter locations.



Seeing is believing, especially when it comes to innovative small cell solutions!

There is a good bit of buzz these days around small cells and building the proper small cell network. Watch this short video on how the ePole microcell provides a safe, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution for multiple parties.

Small Cell Deployment Challenges and Opportunities

The ePole is a small cell alternative for your utility!

Mobile operators are deploying small cells as a way to expand data capacity and extend coverage in their networks. Communities who desire this additional capacity and coverage would prefer existing utility and streetlights be replaced versus building new infrastructure in the municipal right of way. The challenge for utilities is deploying and servicing these small cells safely across their networks. However, there are great opportunities to be had with designing new standards that expedite the process. 

Small Cell Challenges

  • Due to the amount of small cell equipment being installed on existing utility poles and streetlights, standard joint use agreements do not adequately cover the utilities. Therefore, new joint use agreements will need to be executed;
  • Increased risk of unqualified personnel working in the electric space;
  • Small cell equipment attached to the pole effects the stability and strength of the pole, make-ready costs, safety and aesthetics; 
  • Utilities will come under pressure to perform the make-ready and to repair service outages in a timely manner as residents and businesses become more dependent on wireless communications. 

Small Cell Opportunities

  • By being proactive, the utility has the opportunity to create a standard for small cell installations that meets NESC, ANSI and TIA 222 REV G requirements. The ePole is a standardized design that can replace electric utility poles and street lights, meeting these requirements;
  • An ePole has a higher strength-to-weight ratio versus alternative wood, concrete or steel poles, reducing shipping, handling and installation costs;
  • Mobile operator equipment is safely stored inside a pole-mounted enclosure at the base of the ePole, eliminating the risk of unqualified personnel working near the electric space;
  • The ePole’s stealth design allows it to blend in with existing street lighting, which will appeal to local residents and businesses. 

Small cell deployments are happening. The ePole is an enabler to expedite the process and improve utility safety and support smart energy applications.

The ePole helps leverage and boost city revenue

Managing City Ordinances

The demand for better mobile coverage and capacity has led to an increase in small cell attachments in cities across the country. Cities should be writing ordinances for these attachments that require all new infrastructures on city property and in public right of way to be safe, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and serve multiple purposes. 

If municipalities are providing the mobile communications industry access on publicly owned and maintained property, then why not require such infrastructure to support public safety, lighting and other “Smart City” applications that benefit everyone in the community?

Boosting City Revenue with the ePole

The ePole provides a safe, environmentally friendly, attractive and easy solution for deployment of small cells that is currently taking place. It even provides recurring revenue opportunities through advertising, rental fees and “Smart City” applications. By installing ePoles in the community, municipalities are increasing the quality of life for residents, local businesses and visitors, while at the same time earning money vs. spending money.

Facts about the ePole:

  • Improves public safety;
  • Provides recurring revenue opportunities for your community;
  • Made out of composite materials making it stronger and safer than wooden, concrete or steel poles;
  • Available in multiple colors and heights;
  • All cabling, radios, and antennas are concealed INSIDE the pole allowing for a sleek and community-friendly design;
  • Wi-Fi, video surveillance and street lighting are just a few of the community benefits an ePole offers.