Resorts & Hotels

The Issue

Quite often resort and hotel guests experience poor mobile coverage and slow data speeds. This mainly occurs in secluded areas that have weak mobile coverage and in urban environments where other buildings may block coverage. With resorts and hotels, there is also the issue of maintaining the look and feel of the property without a tower disturbing the aesthetics. 

The Challenge

As the demand for small cell solutions increases with resorts and hotels, the procedure for procuring a small cell solution becomes increasingly difficult with zoning and ordinance issues as well as having to approach each cell carrier regarding expanding their service. Resorts and hotels want to increase their coverage for their guests without the placement of an ugly structure that will detract from the beautiful and serene surroundings.

The Solution is the ePole

Enersphere’s small cell solution, the ePole, integrates mobile communications equipment including a pole-mounted cabinet, pole-top antenna, cabling, surge protection, connectors, power systems, and other equipment with lightweight, environmentally friendly, non-conductive composite pole technology to quickly and economically deploy small cells.

Enersphere’s small cell solution, the ePole, can be installed in a day and meets electric utility and mobile communication standards including the most stringent wind and ice loading requirements in the world.

Visitors and employees in the facilities and surrounding area benefit from improved coverage and capacity.  The resort and hotel property owners receive economic, marketing and public safety benefits.