Summer Storm Season is Approaching, Are You Ready?

Don't Let High Winds Destroy Infrastructure!

Do you feel secure about the stability of your small cell infrastructure in the upcoming summer storm season?  Investing in the right infrastructure can save lives when disasters strike. The ePole® provides a safer and stronger solution for wireless communications and utility infrastructure.

A Stronger & Safer Solution

The ePole offers a solution that can withstand wind gusts greater than 150 mph (241 kph) for extended periods of time and ice accumulation of more than 0.75" (1.9 cm) on the pole. That's the equivalent of CAT 4 hurricane winds! The ePole is non-conductive and fire resistant that when struck by force it bends versus snapping in half. Not only does this provide a safer structure for the public, but it also provides a more economical solution for municipalities. The ePole is assembled in four nested sections that allow for an expedited replacement of damaged sections due to events such as a tree falling or a car accident.

ePole Microcell

ePole Microcell

ePoles Provide Data and Coverage Assistance When You Need It Most

The ePole, with its industry leading features, was designed to ensure the continuity of communications when disasters hit. They provide increased data capacity and cell coverage for the general public and for first responders during an emergency. The LED lighting at the top of the pole can also be utilized for public safety by alerting individuals of oncoming storms or coordinated meeting locations. Strategically placing ePoles within your network design can improve your overall business continuity plan

Example locations where an ePole can help:

  • Disaster coordination sites (FEMA sites, local monitoring locations and first responder staging areas);
  • Evacuation routes;
  • In marinas allowing boat owners to view/monitor their boats during storm surges;
  • Schools used as emergency shelter locations.