Congested Networks, Data Traffic Jams, what are Mobile Operators to do?

There may be no single answer to the problem of congested mobile networks, but operators should at least be trying to do more with the available options at hand. While mobile traffic poses its challenges, stationary traffic in a mobile network increases the challenge of data traffic management even more.

It is a well-known fact that mobile operators are limited by a finite amount of resources and capital. As network congestion becomes increasingly problematic and expectations for premium quality of service and quality of experience rise, operators need to find innovative solutions to address these issues.

Managing Mobile Networks in Large Crowds

The challenge of managing mobile networks when customers are stationary such as in stadium parking lots, parks, social gathering spots and even political rallies confronts mobile operators every day. The cost of deploying traditional Cells on Wheels (COWS) has long been the temporary approach to this network capacity challenge.

As data traffic rises and the risk of congestion grows, supplementing macro networks with underlay and small cells is an effective way to provide capacity for stationary traffic. 

Imagine a cost effective solution to address static capacity demands which will allow improved quality of service, increased data speeds and offload for your Macro site. 

The ePole Provides Customer Satisfaction!

The ePole, an underlay and small cell mobile infrastructure solution, is designed specifically to address on the biggest challenges of every mobile operator: Customer Satisfaction.

Keeping customers connected with data speeds that allow them to manage their life even when there is a high demand on the mobile network is a key factor to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The ePole provides not just a technical solution, but also a financial solution to your traffic capacity needs. It provides a rapid payback on investment while satisfying the data demands of the customer.