The Demand

The Challenge

The Solution

The popularity of mobile devices with larger screens and sharper images is driving mobile data traffic at a CAGR of 60% globally. By 2018, the average smartphone will generate 2.7 GB of mobile data traffic or 11x the 2013 traffic. Industry analysts predict $22B will be spent on outdoor small cell infrastructure by 2019. The majority of these expenditures will be 3G/4G and LTE Microcells and Picocells reaching over 3.5M globally.  

To resolve the need for mobile data capacity and affordable underlay coverage, operators must decrease cell sizes and deploy more base stations.  Analysts forecast there will be more outdoor small cells by 2017 than all of today's mobile base stations worldwide.  Outdoor small cell deployments in the U.S. are projected to be in the millions over the next decade.

Enersphere's innovative products enhance mobile coverage and capacity through a cost effective, quick deploying, aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly design.  The ePole supports multiple applications and revenue-generating opportunities, enables public safety features and strengthens electric distribution networks.