The ePole Microcell and Picocell  are multi-purpose, safe and aesthetically pleasing mobile communication cell sites that allow for recurring revenue opportunities and reduced time to market for multiple organizations.

The ePole is the only small cell that enables mobile network operators, electric utilities, municipalities and public safety organizations to simultaneously derive operational and economic benefits from the same infrastructure. 

By expediting the delivery of mobile data capacity and coverage...

Mobile Network Operators are able to;

  • realize revenues sooner;
  • reduce total cost of ownership;
  • improve customer satisfaction.

Electric Utilities are able to;

  • generate additional electricity revenue - depending on the configuration, ePoles can generate enough electricity to equal a small ranch-size home;
  • receive right-to-use fees from the ePole owner;
  • retain control of the composite pole that will strengthen its distribution network.

Municipalities are able to;

  • access the IP-controlled public safety warning and weather alert systems; 
  • attach video surveillance and Wi-Fi devices;
  • receive franchise fees from the ePole owner;
  • generate revenue from advertising, location-based marketing and other features.

ePoles are available in35’ (10.6m), 45’ (13.8m), 50’ (15.2m) and 70’ (21.3m) total lengths.  An ePole can support over 4,000 lbs. of vertical weight, plus electric distribution line loading and all ePole sub-assemblies.  It is much stronger than a wood pole and significantly lighter than alternative wood, steel and concrete poles.

The ePole was designed and patented by Enersphere Communications.  The composite poles, cabinets, antenna, and cabling are manufactured, distributed and assembled by companies located across the United States.

To find out more about the ePole, watch the short video below!

epole, small cell infrastructure

epole, small cell infrastructure

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